Klean Kanteen Testimonials

In 2004, Klean Kanteen introduced the first hydration bottle made from stainless steel to give people a safe, healthy alternative to plastic. We have yet to see another company, stainless or otherwise, that makes a product comparable to our high-quality, handcrafted bottles or that commits to strong environmental standards. Through the years, we've been fortunate to gain a loyal following of fans and advocates who love our products and company. We are continually thankful for the growing number of brand ambassadors, helping us to spread our message of refusing single-use!

  • I drink about 90% of my liquids from Klean Kanteens. I have a 40oz at home, a 12oz for my purse, an Insulated for coffee, and pint glasses for beer/soda. I've had the 40oz for 6 years and it's showing no signs of failing me. I'll have all of them for a very long time! — Faith
  • I love Klean Kanteens. I bring my Kanteen to work with me daily and got a Kanteen and an Insulated for every member of my family : ) — Sue
  • The insulated KK's are awesome, I can't believe how well they work. I have had ICE last two days in mine. Best of both worlds. Keeps the Hot stuff hot too. — Ty
  • My friend turned me on to the insulated kanteen – I love me some party ice in my water and it stays cold and icey for HOURS. Great for long drives. Don't leave home without it!
    — Caitlin
  • We just got back from our first beach vacation with our kids. We took our Klean Kanteens, water bottles, 1/2 gallon, steel pints and they were so necessary!!! We didn't have to worry about water, on the different islands, we just brought it with us:) — Leah
  • So I'm in the gym and this dude starts eyeing my black Klean Kanteen 40oz bottle. "Mmmm", he goes. "I'm looking for a new water bottle. Are these any good?" "Any good?" I reply, "These are the business!!" — Daniel
  • Thank you Klean Kanteen for the fabulous brushed Reflect! I've had it with me since August. And have never looked back. — Melissa
  • Thanks Kleen Kanteen for the 16oz insulated Kanteen! I absolutely love it! just in time for rainy season.. now my tea will stay hot for hours! — Dustin
  • It's just after 2p.m. I'm sipping the americano I got at 6 a.m. this morning and it's still warm! Thanks Klean Kanteen for making an awesome product. The insulated kanteen keeps my drink warm and delicious on crazy days when it takes forever to finish my first cup of caffeine. — Rose
  • Just wanna say thanks for making mommyhood a bit easier. The KK sport top bottle and carabiner made my Christmas trip from TX to MT (w/ 4 flights total) a WIN with my 2-yr old! — Melody
  • Bought Klean Kanteens for my husband, 2 toddlers, and myself because we want to avoid plastic at all costs. Love them!! Worth every penny! — Christina
  • Received my steel pints yesterday and my husband is enamored! He plans to keep "his" in his car so he has it whenever he's on the road and they offer a paper or plastic cup. Guess I'll have to buy a few more for around the house. Love you Klean Kanteen! — Chris
  • I really like the ring/carabiner clips that you can get with the Steel Pints. Just hang a cup off your backpack when you're hiking. Incredibly cool KK! — Marie
  • Milkshakes will taste better and stay cold longer in the Insulated Tumbler. Bravo! — Mike
  • I am upgrading my circa 2004 bottle to the 64oz to bring to work. This size will last me the whole day! I sure wish my oldie but goodie could get a polish and dings repaired. It has not left my side for almost a decade. Thank you for your durable products! — Holly
  • My son and the Kanteen he's had since he was a baby. It's been to 3 oceans, two continents, and many hiking trails...as well as many days on lunch duty at school. Today was his 6th birthday so we spent the day hiking in the Soutpansberg Mountains in the northern Limpopo region of South Africa. - Deborah
  • My little one LOVES her baby sized Klean Kanteen! Thanks for making such awesome products! - Julie
  • We're a family of steel! - Maren
  • Guess where my 64oz bottle was today? - Jonathan
  • Klean Kanteen 16oz Insulated goes sea kayaking in Lake Superior's Apostle Islands. - Kelsey
  • I choose to refuse plastic cups at all events. I told all the event staff I do not drink from plastic, so I’ll just use my “Klean Kanteen Pint Cup” and they looked at me like I was crazy. Activism is so much fun.  - Garnett
  • Here’s a picture of my water bottle that was recently run over by a tractor. thanks for making such a durable product. - Meg
  • Did you know you can make great homemade yogurt in your insulated Kanteens? Love my 16 oz. insulated! - Cammy
  • Extreme adventurer Peter Van Kets and environmental activist Braam Malherbe chose to take Klean Kanteen along with them in the recent Scott-Amundsen Centenary Race to the South Pole. Pictured above is Pete holding his Indicator Red KK at the pole. How ‘cool’ is that? - Tracey
  • I've taken my Kanteen with me on all my ventures, and its has been dropped, scratched, and dented up, but on this trip it has taken a real toll. All in all.... I think I could still rock it!!!! - Ryan
  • My Klean Kanteen has traveled with me across the world. Still use it every day. - Harley
  • We took an assortment of Klean Kanteens on a recent month-long trip to Greenland. They were perfect for keeping water iceberg fresh. - Marcel
  • Nutcracker, Yosemite. It was hot and I was mighty thirsty. - Bryce
  • At 35,000 feet. A brand new @Boeing 737 800ER plane. As modern as air transportation gets. The new net seat back pockets makes sure that you don't leave your precious Klean Kanteen Mirror finish Reflect behind. Perfect high tech environment for the Reflect. Great product. I love my 18 oz. Now I need to get a 27 oz. version. - Tim
  • Klean Kanteen, we've known each other for over 4 years now and you have provided me with crisp, clean, refreshing water through the best of times and the worst of times. We've travelled all over the country, hiked mountains, crossed rivers, fought fires, driven thousands of miles, ran marathons, got dirty, got scratched and banged up. You've provided me with the best medicine the world has to offer...water. Thank you and here is to many more years, because you are still going strong. Wanted to take the time to thank this great company. Our relationship started with a simple 27oz stainless steel KK and now my collection has grown so greatly. My family has their fair share as well, my brother just got a bunch of Insulated's (which are one of your best products mind you) and I have graced many of my friends lives with KKs...because they are just that good. In this picture you can see my go to KK that i take with me everywhere, the 40oz, being filled with natural spring water from Saratoga Springs in New York. This might be the best water I have ever had, it is just so...klean. - Keith
  • Our Klean Kanteen 'family' with us on Kauai for our Honeymoon - Djani and Laurie
  • You know what's nice... taking a drink of sweet COLD water at the end of an epic hike. Thank you vacuum insulated Klean Kanteen for making that happen! - Katherine
  • One of my favorite parts of using my Klean Kanteen in NYC is bumping into other people who also use them. Whether it is comparing colors or just a wink, it's an awesome feeling to be apart of this eco-friendly community. I'm addicted!
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